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Men’s style guide: caring for your dress shoes

Choosing high quality dress shoes is important, but once you’ve chosen your favorite pairs, then what? Something that you may not consider right away is the upkeep of your new dress shoes as you are keen slip them on and impress. However, before you show off their shine and beautiful design, you need to condition […]

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Style Guide: Notting Hill Carnival

If walking around a carnival, while listening to diverse reggae, dub, hip-hop, soca and dancehall melodies, while soaking up the last of the summer sunshine does sound like your cup of tea, then you need to head down to the Notting Hill Carnival this bank holiday. You may be wondering what to wear to London’s […]

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What makes men’s shoes attractive?

Along with a well tailored suit and a classic watch, there are a few pieces in a man’s wardrobe that bring a touch of luxury to the everyday. There’s a certain majesty to a beautifully crafted pair of men’s shoes, something genuine and substantial; the curves, the patterns, the crisp sole and the shine. Here […]

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The Tucano brogue: Grades of shoe craftsmanship

A modern design, with its eye on tradition, the Tucano brogue is a versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down, and the same style takes on a different appearance with a different finish (leather and suede). An exceptionally well crafted brogue, the Tucano was designed in England and handcrafted using the finest materials […]

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4 shoes that will give you the rugged gentleman look

Rugged fashion looks great on any gentleman, so long as they get it right. No-nonsense, utility minded fabrics like flannel, canvas and leather give your wardrobe an earthy feel, while the right hairstyle and accessories help take your style to the next level. The Rugged Look: You may be wondering what exactly a rugged gentleman […]

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Brogues: New styles and styling tips

As with many styles of formal shoe, brogues are highly versatile, suiting both casual and smarter attire. There are different styles of brogue shoes, which include: Full Brogue – The full brogue is the most iconic brogue style, with serrated and perforated seams and edges and the patterned toe cap. Semi Brogue – The semi […]

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Chelsea Boots: New styles for the seasons ahead

Synonymous with British style, the classic Chelsea boot is guaranteed to smarten up any outfit. Coloured, suede, leather or with a patent finish? Whatever your preference, the Chelsea boot is the ultimate shoe for style-minded men. Here is a guide to some of our new collection of men’s Chelsea boots, to help you find the […]

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Style Guide: How to Wear Men’s Brogues

Brogues are a staple item of clothing for any man’s wardrobe, and are a great way to spruce up your dress shoes by adding a bit of British culture. Oxfords, Derbys, boots and monk shoes are all available in brogue styles with different closures and varying levels of patterns and decoration.   Brogue Characteristics & […]

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Guide: Wearing Casual Shoes That Aren’t Trainers

Over the years, you may have amassed quite the trainer collection – having a fresh pair for every day of the week. We get it: trainers are aesthetically appealing, versatile and often comfortable to wear. However, as great as they may be, the reality is that trainers will only take you so far when it […]

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Wimbledon style guide: What to wear

If it was as easy as wearing white, and white only like the tennis pros competing in Wimbledon, dress codes would keep wardrobe maneuvering to the minimum. However, for those of us that will be in the stands rather than on the court, we’ll have to plan what to wear on the day. Over the […]

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