4 shoes that will give you the rugged gentleman look

Rugged fashion looks great on any gentleman, so long as they get it right. No-nonsense, utility minded fabrics like flannel, canvas and leather give your wardrobe an earthy feel, while the right hairstyle and accessories help take your style to the next level.

The Rugged Look:

You may be wondering what exactly a rugged gentleman looks like?

Well, he’s an alpha male and knows how to get things done. He is a descendent from the hard-as-nails men who came before him – the adventure seekers, the blue collar workers, the outdoor enthusiasts – and adapts them to 21st century life.

A rugged gentleman’s wardrobe is highly versatile and never puts form before function. He manages to strike a sophisticated balance between smarter attire and casual wear. He creates his own identity.


Items of clothing:

The rugged look is built around the following items of clothing:

– Denim jeans
– Trousers
– Shirts
– Jackets (earth-toned pieces)
– Knitwear
– Accessories
– Shoes (we like to think this is the most important item of any outfit)

Put them together however you please to make rugged fashion your own.

Rugged shoe styles:

Nova (Available in Smooth Coffee and full-Grain Black)
Leather lace up boots are a staple in every rugged gentleman’s wardrobe. The Nova men’s leather lace up boot is a fine example, which also feature silky soft sheepskin linings. So while they may look tough on the outside, they’re a homely treat on the inside.

Keep the cuff on those jeans rolled up to show off the beautiful brogueing and detailed stitching.  Throw on a coat or jacket that is a neutral and earth-toned colour to complete your look.

Pedras (Available in Vintage Rust)
On the outside, these Pedras leather lace up boots create a brisk, no-nonsense attitude. On the inside, the sheepskin linings create warm and cosy feelings.

Featuring a gutsy non-slip rubber tread, they’re the perfect footwear attire for long autumn walks.

Colorado (Available in Mustang Tobacco and Mustang Black)
Bolster your rugged wardrobe with the Colorado men’s leather chukka boots – a staple weekend go-to.

Ideal for the fashion-forward man, you can wear these boots with slim-fit tailored denim jeans and a field jacket or trench coat that is tough and functional.

Regalo (Available in Vintage Castor and Full-Grain Brown)
A shoe for no-nonsense men, the Regalo leather lace up boot is perfect for the active man. Lightweight and durable, an all-weather-conquering rubber sole gives these shoes an off-road look and feel.

The outfit that you pair with these shoes doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. Embrace the wrinkles, the frays, the holes and the wear and tear.


All the soles of Anatomic shoes are made with Anatomic Gel Technology. There isn’t any gel in the soles but the soles are made of a rubber material mixed with a special gel (our secret ingredient) which makes the soles of the shoes incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable.

The soles and insoles also have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


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