5 shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe

With the start of a new year, new fashion trends will emerge with the change of each season.

Style, however, is a different matter to fashion. Despite the changing trends in fashion, certain men’s wardrobe essentials – an Oxford shirt or a pair of black lace ups – will always be required throughout the different seasons of the year.

Shoes are arguably the most important investment a man can make in his wardrobe, which will see him through all occasions of the year.

Anatomic & Co looks at 5 shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe.


1. Charles Smooth Black


The first shoe you should add to your 2018 wardrobe is a black lace-up like the Charles Smooth Black brogue.

This shoe makes the perfect choice for formal occasions and will help you polish off loads of your looks – black tie, weddings, job interviews.

The Charles men’s leather brogue is also a lightweight and flexible shoe, thanks to soft leather uppers and rubber gel soles. So not only will they look the part, but feel just as good too.


2. Colorado Mustang Tobacco


Desert boots have now become something of a wardrobe essential. The shoe style is highly versatile, can complement a variety of outfits and are perfect for creating the smart/casual look.

The Colorado Mustang Tobacco men’s desert boot is ideal for the fashion-forward man. The shoe partners perfectly with a pair of well-tailored denim jeans or trousers and can be worn all year round.


3. Cardoso Suede Brown


The next shoe you want to include in your 2018 wardrobe is the Chelsea boot – a shoe that you can wear all year round.

All Chelsea boots handcrafted by Anatomic & Co feature the Anatomic Gel Technology® formula. This unique gel ensures maximum comfort, so it’s likely you’ll be slipping into your Chelsea boots any chance you get.

The Cardoso Suede Brown Chelsea boot is a great pick. This dependable menswear staple can be worn through all seasons and works well will jeans (another wardrobe essential).


4. Classico Smooth Marinho


A pair of sophisticated trainers is another wardrobe essential, especially for the times when you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between casual and classy.

The Classico Smooth Marinho leather trainers have the ability to boost your wardrobe with some classic charm, and will carry you from restaurant to bar with ease.


5. Tucano Mustang Tobacco


The Tucano Mustang Tobacco men’s leather brogue will add a little flair to your 2018 wardrobe.

Not only is the shoe beautifully handcrafted and adds diversity to your wardrobe, but also highly comfortable. The soft natural leathers and cushioned sheepskin lining make them a treat to wear.

With its distinctive stitching (waxed thread for waterproofing) and contrasting England Rubber Gel sole, you’re sure to turn heads.


While these are our 5 suggested shoes to include in your 2018 wardrobe, there is no set formula to build your perfect shoe collection. These 5 shoes however, will meet all your shoe needs for most occasions.

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