Autumn menswear guide: How to look good in navy

A tailored navy suit is a traditional base for menswear and often adds more colour than a completely neutral base, such as a black suit. An autumn outfit essential, the navy suit can be worn for both formal outings or as business attire.

You may be thinking ‘what is the best way to wear navy?’, but in fact navy is a much more versatile suit colour than black, allowing you to match it with a wider range of coloured shoes.

What shoes work best with navy?

There are dozens of shoe styles you can go for, but for a sleeker look it’s best to go for something more streamlined, like a classic brogue or Oxford dress shoe.

When it comes to choosing a shoe colour to match your navy suit the most common options are usually Black, Brown and Burgundy.

Black shoes

Every man should own a pair of classic black shoes. Black shoes work extremely well with a navy suit, especially in a more professional setting.

Our pick: Steve Smooth Black


Tip: partner these shoes with a neatly tailored navy suit. If you want to mix things up a little, you can partner this shoe with a navy blazer and grey trousers.



Brown shoes

Navy blue and brown is a classic. A navy suit dressed with brown shoes will give you a light, friendly look this season. While this combination can work for a business setting, you may want to save it for formal occasions out of the office, such as for a friend’s wedding or a formal dinner.

Our pick: Charles Smooth Bronze


Tip: partner these leather brogues with  a formal navy suit and a white dress shirt or even with a pair of dark navy denim trousers.




Just like brown shoes, burgundy also works really well with a navy suit – it’s more a matter of preference and what style you prefer.

Our pick: Belem Smooth Burgundy

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.32.28 PM

Tip: wear these with tailored trousers at the office, or for a more relaxed weekend feel, opt for burgundy with dark denim.


Other shoe styles that work with navy:

Steve Smooth Bronze


Charles Smooth Black


Goias Smooth Burgundy



Navy Suit tips

  • A lighter blue dress shirt partners well with a navy suit
  • Remember that when wearing a tailored suit, your belt should match the colour of your shoes i.e. if you’re wearing black shoes, wear a black belt
  • You can add accessories and ties of different patterns or colours to bring your suit to life during formal outings
  • Your navy blazer doesn’t always have to be partnered with navy trousers, and can work well with a pair of grey or beige trousers – this is a great option for more smart-casual events

Every well-dressed man should include navy attire in their wardrobe this season. With different shoe styles and colours, you can build multiple looks.



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