How to dress for your work Christmas party

Party season is upon us, and there’s no doubt you will be attending an office party (or a few) this festive period. Choosing the right outfit for such an event can often be a tricky task, do you go fully formal, all-out casual or somewhere in between?

Whatever your office dress code, this festive period is an excellent time to dress to impress, after all events such as this are the perfect opportunity for every well-dressed man to make a statement.

Anatomic & Co has put together some tips and advice along with some inspiration to help you dress to impress at this year’s work Christmas party.

Outfit 1

If you’re looking for an outfit that is somewhere between smart and Casual, you can opt for the tried and tested pairing of a plain t-shirt with a suit. This outfit is especially convenient if you are heading to the Christmas party straight after work.

The T-shirt will ease the formality of the suit, whilst maintaining a clean and sophisticated look.


Get the look: 

  • A well tailored suit (Matching blazer and trousers)
  • A good quality plain T-shirt
  • Your choice of brogues or loafers

Shoes to wear with the outfit: 

Tucano mustang Black


Pilar Smooth Burgundy/ Black

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.23.31 PM

Outfit 2

A much more casual look than outfit 1, you can partner a polo shirt with chinos to create an outfit that is suitable for a range of work Christmas party settings. We suggest steering away from bolder prints and bright colours. Rather, try opting for a neutral colour pair of chinos. To complete your look, throw on a quality jacket or trench coat.


Get the look:

  • A polo shirt
  • A neutral colour pair of chinos
  • A quality jacket or trench coat
  • Brogues, ankle boots, loafers, trainers – pick your style

Shoes to wear with the outfit: 

Bilac Full-grain Chumbo 

202010_Bilac_ F Chumbo_S

Colorado Mustang Tobacco 


Outfit 3


If your work Christmas party  is leaning more towards the smarter end of the spectrum, you can go for a smart shirt with a jumper, blazer and tie – this look is perfectly suited for a dinner party. And if you want to make things a little more casual during the night, remove the blazer and tie and you will instantly have a more laid back look.

Get the look:

  • A smart shirt
  • A good quality jumper
  • A blazer and trousers (these do not need to match i.e. you can partner a grey blazer with navy trousers)
  • Beautifully crafted brogues

Shoes to wear with the outfit: 

Delta Mustang Tobacco


Charles Smooth Castanho 



Remember to try and wear something different than what you do at work. The office Christmas party is a special event and wearing something you’d wear to work everyday just doesn’t cut it…

If your job requires you to wear a suit and tie every day, then go for something more casual while staying smart, and if your work attire is more on the laid back side, then this is a great opportunity to dress up.

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