How to stay stylish when it’s cold outside

With temperatures down, many men bury themselves deep in bulky coats, frumpy scarves and ski-gloves to keep themselves warm. The result being that style is damned.

However, the well-dressed gentleman does not let the cold weather tarnish his look, but rather uses it in his favour to dress up sharp and still avoid a shivering, quivering mess.

Anatomic & Co has put together a complete guide to help you stay stylish when it’s cold outside.

Dress stylish and stay toasty at the same time

When dressing for cold weather, you want to ensure that you’re both comfortable and warm. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort either. You can achieve comfort and warmth and still look stylish by considering the following:

  1. Layering your clothes
  2. Choosing the right fabrics
  3. Wearing key winter accessories
  4. Choosing the right winter coat
  5. Wearing the right footwear

Layering your clothes


The great thing about winter is that you have a lot more options for mixing and matching your clothes. If you’re wearing four different layers of clothes, you can be more creative with your outfit.

Wearing multiple layers will not only help you achieve a stylish look, but also keep you warm. And if you do get too hot, you can just remove a layer to stay comfortable.

Remember never to assume that the layers closest to your body will never be seen. You want to have the option to remove each layer and still look on point. If you wouldn’t wear it on its own, don’t wear it underneath an outfit either.


Choosing the right fabrics


Choose clothes with the right fabrics to keep warm, here’s a quick rundown of different winter fabrics:

Cotton – Best used for base and/or middle layers as cotton won’t keep you as warm as other layers

Denim – Best used for middle and/or top layers and leg wear when going for a casual look

Wool – Best used for middle and/or top layers as wool is the warmest fabric you can wear

Leather – Best used for top layers. Not only are leather jackets a classic look, but will also protect you from the wind


Wearing key winter accessories


Wearing winter-appropriate accessories when going out in the cold are key to staying warm. These parts of your body are usually bare and you’ll want to protect against the cold.

Some accessories that can keep you warm and boost your outfit include:

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves


Choosing the right winter coat


Choosing the right coat is key to your look. It’ll be the first thing people notice any time they meet you outside (after your shoes of course), so you want it to give the right impression.

Neutral colours like black, grey, navy, or khaki often work best. Depending on the occasion, you have plenty of style options to choose from:

  • Pea Coat
  • Overcoat
  • Trench coat
  • A parka casual coat


Wearing the right footwear


Your regular shoes, especially dress shoes, aren’t the best option in colder and wetter weather conditions. You need to slip into some winter-appropriate shoes that will keep you warm and repel the cold weather.

This does not mean you have to wear clunky boots and you have many options.

Some good boot options include:

Dessert Boots

Desert Boots are comfortable, lightweight, and durable – and while the desert boot was meant to be worn in desert conditions, leather desert boots are perfect for colder and winter months.

            Colorado Mustang Tobacco               Colorado Mustang Black 



Chelsea Boots

If there is one style of boots every man should have in his Autumn/Winter wardrobe, it’s a pair of classic Chelsea boots – perfect for when the winter weather turns ugly.

            Cardoso Mustang Black                    Amazonas Mustang Brown


Lace up Boots

Lace up boots are the ultimate shoe for winter and come in an array of styles and designs, so you shouldn’t struggle to find something to suit you.

             Regalo Vintage Cstor                            Pedras Vintage Rust


Anatomic & Co specialises in high quality, handmade men’s shoes for all occasions, offering you the very best of refined British style and the latest Brazilian shoe making technology.

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