Men’s style guide: caring for your dress shoes

Choosing high quality dress shoes is important, but once you’ve chosen your favorite pairs, then what? Something that you may not consider right away is the upkeep of your new dress shoes as you are keen slip them on and impress.

However, before you show off their shine and beautiful design, you need to condition them to ensure that each time you wear them, they look just as good as the first time.

Anatomic & Co addresses how to carefully condition and look after your dress shoes to keep them in pristine condition.

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What you will need:

For the initial treatment of your dress shoes, you’ll need some shoe care supplies. This includes:

Protect and care products
– Shoe Polish
– A soft cotton cloth
– A shoe brush

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Cleaning your dress shoes:

Firstly, you need to clean the dust and dirt off your dress shoes with a damp cloth or brush. If your shoes do get a little wet, allow them time to dry before applying the shoe polish.

Once this has been done, cover the entire shoe with a generous amount of polish, using your shoe brush (remember to match the colour of the polish to your shoe). Make sure to get into the seams of the shoe, covering the shoe evenly with polish.

Brush vigorously until all the excess polish is off, leaving only a small film on the outside of the shoe. Leave for 15 minutes so that the polish can dry.

Not only does shining your shoes look great, it’s an essential part of properly caring for and maintaining a nice pair of leather shoes or boots.

The polish itself helps moisturize and waterproof the leather – this helps lengthen the lifespan of your shoes. The buffing and shinning ensures a slick and pulled-together look no matter what the occasion.

Essential shoe care products:

Foam Travel Shoe Tree:


For the stylish gentleman who is on the go, these lightweight foam shoetrees are perfect for keeping your shoes looking new when traveling. The antibacterial layer prevents odour and helps to maintain hygiene while the foam keeps your shoes dry.

Protector 4×4 Waterproofing Spray:


Waterproofing your leather shoes will help protect them from moisture and humidity. The spray is suitable for all soft leathers, suede’s and textiles. Spray on clean untreated surfaces from about 25cm, before drying out for approximately 30 minutes.

Shoe cream:


Suitable for all smooth and full-grain leathers, this shoe cream will instantly enrich colours, reviving your favourite leather shoes and boots. Apply on clean and untreated leather.

Trending men’s dress shoes:

Shoes are the foundation of every man’s outfit – they are the rock upon which the outfit is built. Well-cared shoes can last for ten to twenty years, or even more than thirty years if cared for properly.

A pair of shiny shoes can set you apart as a man who cares about the details. If you’re looking to boost your wardrobe with a new pair of dress shoes, here are some trending styles for the seasons ahead:

Charles Smooth Bronze

Steve Smooth Black


Goias Smooth Burgundy


Charles Smooth Black


All our handcrafted shoes are built around attention to detail, and even our sewing thread has been specially developed to offer the highest standards of quality. The shoes also feature a waxed coating that resists discolouration and stops water penetration.

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