Men’s style guide: Perfecting office wear

Dressing for the office in the modern day is all about maintaining a smart and streamlined look, even when going casual.

While the days of a black suit, shirt and tie are no longer mandatory, you still need to look the part and give off a professional look. Your work attire will say a lot about who you are, and since you’re spending most of your weekly time in the office you need to be well presented.

Anatomic & Co has created a complete guide to office wear and perfecting your office dress code.


Smart wear office

men's office wear

While most offices these days don’t require you to wear a suit and tie, dressing formally does not go unnoticed – it shows you mean business. A suit always looks good while maintaining a touch of class.


  • Opt for a grey or navy suit as this gives off a professional look
  • Keep your suit slim and well fitted to be on point
  • Brogues or Oxford shoes polish off a professional look


Smart casual wear office

men's office wear

If you’re not up to wearing a full suit, you can wear separates. This will give off a more relaxed look, while still maintaining sharpness.


  • Pair more casual clothes like chinos with a suit jacket
  • By not adding a tie you will create a smart casual workwear look
  • Switch a button up shirt for a fitted crew neck T-shirt or jersey
  • Keep it simple – a black or grey jersey or a white T-shirt will be just enough to tone down your look
  • Brogues, Loafers or even smart casual trainers will complete your look


Casual wear office 

men's office wear

If you work in a laid back casual environment, a fitted pair of jeans can more than hold its own. But remember, you still want to look professional, so avoid ripped or baggy jeans. Add a classic fitted plain tee or one with a simple pattern and you’re good to go.


  • Keep things simple and go for dark blue or black jeans as these always look the smartest
  • Smart casual trainers, Chelsea boots or loafers will up your professional casual look


With these simple tips you’ll be more than set to suitably dress for your office. If you want your coworkers and clients to view you as a professional, you should always stick to the  guidelines mentioned above. You’ll be well on your way to impressing the right people in the right places or inspiring those who look up to you.


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