This week we’re catching up with our newest social ambassador, Mr Jiver

Mr Jiver is a London based artist who has been making his name in the global graffiti scene since 1997 when he first picked up a spray can. Since being a student at London’s Central St Martins he has gone on to paint artwork all over the world, including; New York, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, across the UK and most notably Dubai, where he worked as part of a world renowned team of artists who successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the largest graffiti wall ever painted.

How did you get into what you’re doing today?

In 1997 I was at an exhibition with my Grandmother and she offered to buy me a book of my choice – the book I picked was Spraycan Art. I got home, opened the book and I couldn’t put it down. That was it, I was hooked. Graffiti and the burning ambition to have my name up everywhere was firmly installed within me. I have been painting on anything and everything ever since.

Detail of the @YouTube offices I painted in London

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What do you think makes you successful at what you do?

I’m passionate about what I do and always have been. I live and breath graffiti and my artwork. I wouldn’t be complete without them. I don’t feel satisfied or fulfilled if I’m not painting or planning my next painting. That need to create has pushed me to be successful.

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How important is it to be sociable in your job?

There are certain aspects of my ‘job’ which are solitary and some which are sociable; when I am creating my paintings I like to be alone with music, my thoughts and a bottle of brandy.

On the flipside, being sociable is very important for my artwork; being influenced by other people’s ideas, the way light hits certain objects, everyday mundane shapes, colours on tube seats, different coloured leaves that are layered in a tree, these and many other things are all things which I take in while in sociable situations which I can take back to my studio and use in my paintings.

I really enjoy the mixture of both

What inspires your style?

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by a great family and an amazing group of friends who inspire me on a daily basis. Music and how I’m feeling on the day are also very important influences both in my artwork and fashion style. If I’m feeling calm and listening to something chilled then everything will be slightly subdued and calm, if I’m feeling angry and listening to drum & bass then everything will be more aggressive and intense.

Out and about @anatomicco #jive #london #anatomicco #shoes

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What do you look for in shoes?

I’m a very active person. I’m always painting, out and about or walking the dogs so I look for a shoe/boot that’s durable, comfortable and also stylish.

What Anatomic & Co shoes are you wearing today?

Carlos Vintage Castor



@anatomicco #anatomicco

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Describe Anatomic & Co shoes in three words.

Stylish, comfortable, durable

What does being ‘in good company’ mean to you?

Paint, a canvas or wall and some music. If I’m not painting then being with my lady, friends and the dogs.

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