Shoes for him: the ultimate Christmas gift guide

Sometimes a truly unique Christmas gift can be a challenge. So when shopping for the special gentleman in your life, what Christmas gift do you get your father, brother, boyfriend or husband when they seem to have everything?

Well the answer is simple – a new pair of shoes!

No matter how many shoes one might have in their wardrobe, there is always room for 1 more (or a few) new pair of shoes. And rather than getting any old shoe that is commonly seen around, why not get him a pair of beautifully handcrafted shoes?

With Christmas just around the corner, we have put together a selection of shoes that make the perfect Christmas gift.

The man who understands style


This man knows style and appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of his shoes. The classic brogue has a timeless appeal and can be worn with various outfits including everything from slim blue jeans and a v-neck shirt, to a two-piece pin-stripe suit.

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The outgoing trendsetter


Trainers are another staple in every man’s footwear wardrobe. With the newly evolvement of trainers in all areas of menswear, they can now be partnered with both casual and formal wear – so it’s important that every well dressed man has a trendy pair to fall back on.

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The detail-oriented man


Men who like their boots are likely to be both trendy and masculine. A good sturdy pair of dessert boots or lace-up boots can see you through every winter for the decade. Boots can be the ideal Christmas gift that will see the receiver through the colder seasons ahead with pure, unadulterated flair

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The easygoing gentleman

loafers (1)

A well-made pair of loafers is one of the most versatile and wearable pieces that a man can have in his footwear wardrobe. Having the ability to be worn both formally or casually, the loafer can work with whatever is thrown at it.

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The pulled-together man


Chelsea boots are often the go-to shoe for a true-gentleman. Having originated as a formal shoe, they now come in all colours and materials. Jeans and Chelsea Boots are two seasonless essentials every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe.

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Nothing can beat a fresh new pair of shoes for Christmas. Whether he’s more classically inclined with a pair of brogues or has a more street-influenced wardrobe with some trainers, you will be able to find something here.


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