Smart Casual Trainers: Changing the world of menswear

Last year, spring/summer saw menswear designers ditch the rigid rules of tailoring in favour of a more modern look.

Men’s smart casual trainers were unlikely to be considered prior to this when dressing for smart casual occasions, but rather trainers were designated for the most casual events.

Anatomic & Co takes a look at some of the finest smart casual trainers for men to style with minimal effort.

Smart Black Trainers


Just like brogues or other dress shoes, you may find that smart black trainers are a little easier to style. Black trainers with a hint of white, or in the case of the Bilac Full Grain Chumbo – a gum sole and dark brown laces – the break in colour allows you to show off your shoes.

Try keeping your outfit with your black trainers simple by wearing a dark grey or black jumper with grey trousers.

Smart Brown Trainers


Brown trainers are another ideal style if you’re going after that smart casual look. Depending on the style and material, brown shoes can bring a formal feel with an added toned down aspect.

The Planalto Suede Truffle leather trainers are a good style to choose as they give you all the options to wear them for multiple occasions.

Style your brown trainers with a pair of denim jeans, a button-up shirt and throw on an overcoat or wooden blazer for a distinctive formality look.

Alternative smart casual trainers


Wearing trainers with a suit are favoured by many men, so long as they’re smart trainers, and not any old shabby ones.

A slim fitting suit works really well with a pair of trainers, and they don’t necessarily have to be black or white either.

The Preto lace up leather trainers are a new trend this spring/summer and combine a soft vintage brushed leather upper with a contrasting rubber gel sole.

Wearing trainers with a suit is already an alternative take on the traditional suit, so pairing it with unconventional footwear like the Preto trainers won’t look too strange.

If you want to go for an even more casual look, you can swap the shirt and blazer combo to a T-shirt and blazer one. This also helps give you the complete smart-casual look.

On that note


The best smart casual trainers are the ones that can transition from day to night with ease. This style shoe can be worn for many different outings and can pull off multiple styles and looks.

That being said, you must remember to stick to classic styles and designs for a long lasting and stylish pair of smart casual trainers. Sticking with grey, black and other streamlined silhouettes will give you the best results.

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