The ultimate guide to men’s dress shoes: Part 2

Before choosing your dress shoes, you need to consider the occasion that you’ll be attending as well as the rest of your outfit.

Each dress shoe has its pros and cons, meaning the the more styles you have – the more ready you will be for any formal outing. With the right pair of dress shoes to complete your outfit, you will definitely stand out with sophisticated style.

In part 1 of ‘The ultimate guide to men’s dress shoes’, Anatomic & Co looked at the Oxford shoe, the Brogue and the Loafer. In this article, we will discuss the Desert Boot, the Chelsea Boot and the Boat shoe.

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The Desert Boot

Dessert boots, also known as Chukka boots, were influenced by British military footwear. The Desert boot lies somewhere between casual and smart, it’s a multifunctional shoe, lightweight and streamlined and has the ability to be dressed up for all kinds of occasions.


  • Often the majority of the boot is made of suede
  • Shot lacing top just above the ankle

What to wear with Desert Boots:

Desert boots usually work well with skinny trousers that do not cover your ankle or rolled up jeans (left). It’s also important to look at the colour of the boot – darker colours are built for a more smart occasion, for example, brown Desert boots partner well with a tweed suit (right).

desert boots_mens fashion


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The Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is sleek, classy and has a great British history. The original Chelsea boot dates back to the 1800s and the shoe has stuck in the British fashion industry for many years. Today, the Chelsea boot has become a staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe.


  • Ankle length
  • Rounded toes
  • Low heels
  • Made of two parts: the vamp and the quarters

What to wear with Chelsea boots:

Chelsea boots can essentially be styled to suit a whole range of occasions. The shoe can be worn with jeans and a leather jacket (left) or for a more smart look, with a suit (right).

chelsea boots_mens fashion


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The Boat shoe

The boat shoe can work with many different looks, styles and occasions. A shoe that is both presentable and sophisticated, the boat shoe offers the support and comfort of trainers, while giving you a more mature look for any outfit.


  • Short laces
  • rubber sole
  • tight stitching

What to wear with Boat shoes: 

The boat shoe is versatile and can merge itself into various styles, depending on what you want to match it with. For a more casual look, you can partner the shoe with shorts and a T-shirt (left), or for something more formal with chinos and an Oxford shirt (right).

boat shoes

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With the right dress shoes, you’ll be half-way to looking your best at any event, interview, meeting or date.

Anatomic shoes are handmade with Anatomic Gel Technology® and the soles of our shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel.

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