Wedding shoes: groom & best man shoe styles

The wedding season is creeping up once again, and whether you’re the groom or the best man, you need to look your best. You’ll be on your feet for 8 – 10 hours, which is why it’s so important to have shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Anatomic & Co has put together a complete guide in what to look out for when purchasing new shoes for a wedding, as well as the best wedding shoes for men right now.

Choosing your wedding shoes

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What shoe shape works best?

Men’s wedding shoes should usually be narrower, with a slightly pointed toe. This helps create the illusion of long slender legs. A fine example of this is the Suzano shoe.

Try avoid wearing round-toed or boxy shoes with a formal wedding outfit. However a round-toed shoe can work nicely if you’re wearing a tuxedo, as the two items of clothing are traditionally worn together.


What type of leather works best?

Leather is the go-to material for wedding shoes, and it can either be matt or glossy.

The only other thing to remember is the subtle ways in which the colour of the leather affects the “vibe” of the entire outfit: black shoes portray formality and class, brown shoes provide a more relaxed and flexible look, while burgundy can add a playful feel to the outfit.

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Comfort or style?

Both! Just like the bride, the groom and even the best man will be wearing their shoes for quite some time on the wedding day.

It’s often difficult to find a new pair that are comfortable straight away without being broken in, but luckily the soles of all Anatomic & Co’s shoes are made with Anatomic Gel Technology – a unique rubber mixed with a special gel, which makes the shoes incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable.

The gel technology will help ensure you’re comfortable enough throughout the ceremony and able to dance the night away without worrying about sore feet.


What colour shoes should your wear?

The colour of your wedding shoes can be in contrast to the wedding suit, but should never detract attention from the outfit. If you are wearing laced shoes, make sure that the laces are the exact colour to that of the shoe.

The standard shoe and suit pairing styles are:

Black suit – black shoes

Navy suit – black, brown or burgundy shoes

Dark grey suit – black or burgundy shoes

Light grey suit – black, light brown or burgundy shoes

Cream/ Beige suit – light brown or white shoes


5 top wedding shoe picks

1. Murilo Black



The Murilo Oxford brogues showcase impeccable style. This pair represents a good balance between smart and edgy. Soft leather uppers and flexible leather soles provide unrivalled comfort.


2. Manaus Chestnut


This classic leather lace-up with decorative perforations is perfect if you are really looking to make a statement this wedding season. The deep dark brown colour means they will go with just about everything,


3. Leme Black


The Leme shoe provides style and comfort in equal measure. Lightweight and flexible, these men’s lace-ups will carry you throughout the wedding day.


4. Pilar Castor/ Pinhao

Pilar Castor Pinhao

The reliable, trustworthy Pilar brogue is a popular wedding choice. If it is comfort you are looking for after bouncing around the dance floor, this is your shoe.


5. Suzano Black


Soft natural leather uppers and a supple sheepskin lining will have you ready for the big day. The Suzano shoe is designed with anatomic gel technology, paralleling the movement and shape of your foot.

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