What to look out for when choosing quality dress shoes

While some stylish gentlemen know exactly what to look out for when choosing quality dress shoes, there are others who may be a little uncertain.

You see a beautiful looking pair of shoes – the perfect style, great fit and versatile.

Naturally, you buy them. Three months down the line pass and then the problems start to show…

So how do you go about finding quality dress shoes?

Anatomic & Co has put together a guide to help you decipher what makes a good quality dress shoe and what to look out for.


1) Quality craftsmanship


The quality of the craftsmanship of a shoe has a direct correlation to the quality of the shoe.

Do you know where your shoes come from? Where they are manufactured? Which hands or machines stitched what you have on your feet? Do they have experience in shoemaking?

Many companies produce “fast fashion shoes” that leads to ultra low prices and low quality shoes. Shoes are one item that command the highest quality, since they undergo the most wear and tear.

It pays to know experienced hands made them. Anatomic & Co’s shoes are designed in the UK and handcrafted in Brazil by professional cobblers who use the latest shoe-making technology and finest quality materials.


2) Type of leather used

Shoe: Charles Smooth Castanho 

When it comes to dress shoes, your preference should always be full-grain leather. Full-grain leather includes the natural imperfections that play into the beautiful aesthetic of a shoe.

Additionally, the shoe does not endure harsh treatments, and with proper care has the ability to age well and last for years.

Also, knowing where the leather comes from is important. Anatomic & Co sources exclusively from the best tanneries in Brazil, where full-grain leather is sumptuously soft and naturally treated.

To give the shoes a sophisticated, vintage appearance, the material is burnished. This also allows for maximum airflow and for perspiration to be absorbed, keeping feet fresh and ventilated.


3) High quality stitching

Shoe: Villas Touch Havana

This is where attention to detail comes into play. Sewing thread that has been specially developed to offer the highest standards of quality can be seen when looking at a dress shoe.

Anatomic & Co’s shoe thread features a waxed coating that resists discolouration and stops water penetration. Using the traditional McKay method, the shoes are made with one continuous stitch through all the layers, which achieves a smart, refined finish.

Take the Villas shoe, for example, which features beautiful, distinctive stitching (waxed thread for waterproofing).

4) Sole construction


Shoe: Senador Touch Havana

Soles that are stitched securely will resist water much better than those that are lazily glued on.

Anatomic & Co uses a signature Anatomic Gel Technology® in the soles of all shoes. The soles are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel, that is exclusive to Anatomic & Co.

This technique gives the soles added resistance and flexibility, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for added comfort.

And it’s not just about the outside. Soles and insoles of Anatomic Shoes have a memory, so once you take your shoes off and leave them to rest, they go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.


5) The shape of the shoe


Shoe: Sao Paulo Touch Bronze Brushed

An extreme shaped shoe can become old and dated very quickly and in the end defeats the purpose of being a good looking and quality shoe. For the modern gentleman, the toe of the shoe should not be too square, pointy or round.


6) Unique style


Shoe: Pillar Vintage Sky Light Blue

Stylish gentlemen look for a shoe with timeless characteristics, but that still stands out. This can be accomplished by following the tips mentioned above.

Another key area to consider is the colour of the shoe (one tone vs. two tones).

Look at the Pilar brogue, for example. The beautiful brogue features a distinctive two-toned leather finish and contrasting hand-stitched welt which screams sophistication and class in every way.

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